Slovak Society of Vascular Surgery SkMA (SSCCH – Slovenská spoločnosť cievnej chirurgie SLS)

Slovak Society of Vascular Surgery SkMA (SSCCH – Slovenská spoločnosť cievnej chirurgie SLS) was founded on November 29, 2001 in Bratislava based on the decision of the Presidium of the Slovak Medical Association – SkMA. The predecessor of the society was the Section of Vascular Surgery within the Slovak Medical Association – SkMA which was founded in October 1997.

The members of SSCCH are doctors who profesionally and expertly provide the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the vascular diseases resulting from the specializied nature of the field. It mainly consists of the vascular surgeons, surgeons, angiologists and vascular radiologists and also doctors who are in the process of being trained in the specialty.

The multidisciplinary nature of the vascular medicine shows that the subject of the interest (peripheral vascular diseases) appears in the statutes of a number of the expert societies and therefore an interdisciplinary cooperation and compliance with the recommendations of the multidisciplinary expert societies is the fundamental prerequisite for the success in the diagnosis and treatment of the vascular diseases.

The objectives of SSCCH include:

  • To represent the interests of its members before the public authorities, health insurance companies and other relevant national, professional and expert authorities through the developed expertise of the committee of the society and through the main expert for the Vascular Surgery of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic with its advisory board (regional experts for the vascular surgery). The continuous improvement of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the arterial and venous vascular system
  • To define and implement the modern surgical and endovascular medical procedures of the vascular surgery clinical practise in the context of the international developments in the field and the availability of the vascular surgery care in Slovakia
  • To support the education and the clinical research in the field of the diseases of the vascular system compatible with the European Union countries and in the cooperation with UEMS (UNION EUROPÉENNE DES MÉDECINS SPÉCIALISTES)
  • To support the introduction of the new technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the blood vessels
  • To promote the knowledge about all aspects of the vascular diseases among the students, public, trainees and colleagues from other medical fields
  • To provide the expert advice on the content and scope of the vascular-surgical care in Slovakia. To comment on the legislation relating to the post-graduate education and the provision of the healthcare in the field of the vascular medicine
  • To support the addressing of the social, economical, ethical and legal issues which relate to the vascular surgery
  • To keep the Register of the vascular surgery in Slovakia in the cooperation with other expert societies (surgical, angiological, diabetiacal and radiological)
  • To organize the Slovak congress of the vascular surgery with the international participation
  • To promote the cooperation with expert societies from abroad, mainly with ESVS (European Society for Vascular Surgery)
  • To participate in the creation of the standards and recommendations for the classification, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the medical care of the vascular diseases